Benefits of Protein Powder Supplements

Benefits of protein powders!

Buying protein powder supplements should be straightforward, yet when you’re starting out there are so many choices to choose from. Until you’ve decided which one suits your needs, it’s easy to feel a little confused.

Even if you do have a favorite, there might be a better one out there for you because they each have their own benefits.

We’re going to discuss the main benefits of milk, egg, and soy proteins so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting and how they’ll help you.

The Main Benefits Of Milk Based Protein Powder Supplements

Before we start there is something you must know. Once the milk has been broken down you’ll end up with two different kinds of protein, with the most popular one being whey. The second form of protein powder derived from milk is called casein.

Whey Protein Powders

The Best Amino Acid Profile(1): When protein is broken down by the body you’ll be left with amino acids, which are the building blocks for bigger muscles. Whey protein contains all the essential and non-essential amino acids, plus it also contains the best amino acid profile of all protein powders.

It Absorbs Very Quickly In The Body(2): This is the reason bodybuilders have consumed their whey protein powder straight after a workout for years. They want muscle protein synthesis to begin straight away, and you’ll get this with whey protein because it absorbs very quickly in the body.

Please Note: Whey protein comes in two different forms, so you’ll see both isolate and concentrate on sale. Whey isolate is more expensive because it contains less sugar (lactose) and fat. and contains a higher percentage of protein.

Casein Protein Powders

It Takes Longer For The Body To Absorb(3): Although this might sound like a disadvantage, it’s the reason why casein is so effective. If you drink it before you go to bed at night your muscles will get a steady flow of protein, and it will keep you going until morning. Remember, you grow while you sleep.

Can Be Used As A Meal Replacement(4): Casein powder is a lot creamier than whey once it’s been mixed up, so it will take you longer to savor it. You’ll also be able to add it easily to food if you want extra protein and it will produce a thicker consistency.

The Main Benefits Of Egg Proteins

Lots of people eat egg whites and throw away the yolks, which is fine if you don’t mind wasting food. If you want the exact same benefits you can take an egg protein powder instead, because they’re basically just a powdered form of egg whites.

100% Of The Protein Will Be Absorbed(5): When you drink a protein shake containing 25 grams of protein, you’re not actually getting the full amount most of the time. You are when you consume egg protein because 100% of it will be absorbed by your body.

It Doesn’t Contain Any Fats(5): A lot of people follow If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM), and because every gram of fat contains 9 calories each one counts. It’s much easier to work out your macros when you drink egg protein shakes because it’s fat free.

The Main Benefits Of Soy Protein Powder Supplements

Soy protein also comes in both isolate and concentrate forms, and much like whey protein the isolate version is slightly better and more expensive. It’s the ultimate plant-based protein, because it’s just crushed up soy beans.

Perfect For Those On A Vegan Diet(6): Due to the fact soy is plant-based, it’s perfect for those on a vegan diet. There has been an upsurge in the amount of people avoiding animal products and now they have an easy way to consume enough protein to build muscle.

If You Find It Hard To Consume Milk Products(7): If you’ve ever had a problem when drinking milk-based protein powders, it’s probably because your body can’t deal with the lactose sugars. To avoid an upset stomach and various other issues, soy protein is the best alternative available.

Which of the Many Protein Powder Supplements Is Right For You?

The majority of people will be able to consume any of the aforementioned proteins, and they’ll be able to build muscle as long as they lift weights. Whether or not you fall into that category will depend on your body. To make things as easy as possible for you, it would be best to choose your protein powder based on the main benefits we’ve talked about today.